Lucky Star Wish Bracelets (4 Pack)


Show your friends some love with timeless, tie-on wish bracelets with gold 'lucky star' beads.

Ready to gift! Each bracelet is individually packaged in a branded envelope with a premium sticker and card. See photo for reference.

Each four-pack includes: 

Hot pink cord + evil eye star
Mauve cord +  infinity symbol star
Blush pink cord + horse shoe star
Red cord + four leaf clover star


Knotting cord is 38 cm long. Have a friend tie it for you! We recommended tying the bracelet in a square knot (see image) and securing the knot with a dab of clear nail polish.

Dye will not bleed (unless you wear it for a long time in very hot water like a hot tub)

Wear until it falls off. And your wish will be sent to the universe ! :)

Gold-plated brass bead

Made in New York


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