Charm School

How to choose charms for your custom HART necklace or bracelet.


Choose your charms to tell a story.

Each charm has a meaning

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Ways to Personalize

Your Iucky #

info to do your lucky number or a good luck charm

Your family/kids initials

info about putting them on same jump ring


info about love pendant

Heart Charms

Puffy Heart
Hammered Heart
Heart with Arrow
Cracked Heart
Seeing Heart

Motivation and Inspiration

‘Create’ tag
‘Dream’ tag
Bee ➜ the symbol of hardwork and overcoming the impossible)
Seeing Heart Charm ➜harness the power of seeing with your intuition)
Janus ➜Roman god of time, presiding over transitions in life)
Oui ➜ yes!

Lucky Charms

Elephant (extra good luck with the trunk is up)
Horse Shoe

A Touch of Irreverance

Smiley Face
Rock on hand
Lightning Bolt

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