Personalized jewelry with thick gold plating that is made to order in Charleston, SC within seven business days. Use our Drag & Drop to design your custom charm jewelry.

Made to Order, Made to Last
Personalized Design, One of a Kind
Premium Plating, Luxuriously Thick
Orders ship out within 7-business days.


Hart's custom charm jewelry is made-to-order in our downtown Charleston studio. Your personalized piece will be ready to ship after seven business days. Please read all of our FAQs before ordering. Ready to get started?



Our custom charm jewelry necklaces and bracelets are totally one-of-a-kind using USA-made, gold-plated brass components. Focused on quality and longevity, Hart proudly plates her charms and chains with up to five times more 14K gold than other fashion brands use. She hopes you’ll wear this playful, chic heirloom for years to come.

If you’re looking for a lightweight layering piece, choose the medium chain and select 2-3 small charms. If you want more charms (or larger charms), opt for the chunky chain. Note: Hart charm necklaces are lightweight and easy to wear all day long. These will not bog your neck down!

Each piece is made-to-order within seven business days. Have any special requests about where to place your charms? Please leave a note with your order. If you order more than two Initial charms (A-Z), we like to cluster them on one jump ring. If you prefer a different placement, leave a note when you order. We refunds for returns of custom charm jewelry; however, we charge a $25 restocking fee. You can slow down tarnishing and further protect the gold plating by keeping your jewelry away from water, chemicals, and perfume. Store in a pouch when not wearing it.
If you prefer to use our classic Bundle Builder to design your custom jewelry, click here for a Custom Charm Necklace and here for a Custom Charm Bracelet.


THE HART DIFFERENCE's all in the plating

 Let’s be real, tarnishing is a big bummer. That's why we use the thickest, most luxurious gold-plating available. Think of plating as layers of nail polish or coats of paint. The thicker the layers the longer it takes for the gold to wear off (TARNISH). Exposure to chemicals (salt, chlorine, soaps, perfumes, suntan lotion) and physical rubbing speed up tarnishing.

Ok, so how thick is thick? A typical fashion jewelry brand uses 0.175 microns of plating, AKA a “flash plate” …. which lasts about the same time as a basic manicure or Botox. Some of our competitors proudly say they upgrade to .5 microns. We invest in over 2 microns, 4x than many other jewelry brands in our price point.

Our gold-filled chains offer even more protection. With gold-filled jewelry, the process involves mechanically bonding the gold to the core through extreme pressure and heat.The outer layer of gold in gold-filled jewelry is much thicker than on gold plated pieces. Easily 100 times thicker compared to the common quick flash plating. Furthermore, the process for how gold is actually bonded to the outside is far more durable for gold-filled than gold plating.  


"So happy with the quality! it’s so comfortable, lightweight and love the adjustable length so I can easily to layer it with my other necklaces. Worn it everyday and the gold hasn’t tarnished!

Emily W.

"It’s so cool that I was able to update my charm necklace. My mom gave me her antique locket, and I was able to send it in and have it added to my necklace! "

Molly W.

"Best. Gift. Ever. My mom teared up when she saw all of my siblings’ initials on one jump ring. Sentimental and stylish. She wears it constantly."

Beth K.