After eight years in Shanghai and New York, I finally moved back home to Charleston. I returned to discover it's no longer the sleepy town of my childhood. 

I love exploring the city’s new discoveries, while also embracing the familiar staples from my past.It seems every other day a friend and or client asks me to share my travel tips, so I’ve finally put pen to paper… 

Here are my top recommendations: a mix of tried-and-true tradition, hip hotspots, and beloved little gems that many guides overlook. 


Leon's is the first place I take a visitor to introduce them to southern food in a vibrant, cool setting. Once we set foot into the converted auto body shop, I don't even need to look at the menu. I always order family style portions of fried chicken, hush puppies and fried oysters. The food is always great, and the vibe is always buzzing.

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