Safety Pin Necklace

$68 $84

Punk meets real damn pretty. 

This clasp of this necklace is a functioning, old-fashioned safety pin, engraved with Hart's favorite lucky symbol: the number 8 (which also happens to resemble an infinity sign). 

The safety pin has been a symbol of punk rock and resistance since the 70s. In some cultures, it is pinned to children's clothing as a token of good luck and to ward off evil spirits.

Wear it with a button down blouse or, show some skin with a neck-baring top. 


  • This brass necklace is coated with a super thick layer of shiny 18K gold. Tarnishing is a bummer, so Hart plates her pieces with 3-4x more gold than most other brands do. 
  • Measures 15.5" long, including the clasp. 
  • Take on and off by opening and closing the safety pin. Don't worry, the end is dull and not sharp! :) 


  • The safety pin will have a slight bend over time as you open and close the necklace and it will be totally ok!
  • To ensure the longevity of the plating, keep this piece away from water and chemicals (i.e. sunscreen, lotions and perfume). Store in a pouch when not wearing it. 


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