Cosmic Surplus Jacket


The Cosmic Surplus is a 70s issue military jacket given second life with old Miao embroidery appliques and subtle, feminine finishing details.

This jacket is a soulful, unique and artistic interpretation of the wardrobe workhorse: the army jacket. It effortlessly adds intrigue to any outfit, tossed over a silk dress for evening or as a dazzling topper to simple jeans and tees.

This jacket earns its 'Cosmic' title because the durable army fatigue and couture-quality of embroidery enables this jacket's universal wearability and its ability to last for generations, getting more beautiful with each wear.

The vintage Miao appliques are personally sourced from Southwest China by Hart and, once in Charleston, carefully selected and top-applied to each jacket for maximum aesthetic effect. Our master tailor spends hours on fine craftsmanship details like upgrading brass buttons and binding interior seams with vintage Asian cotton fabrics. 


  • Vintage men's army jacket with drawstring waist, classic epaulets and button flap pockets.
  • Fabric is interlocked cotton & nylon, featuring cotton's lightweight breathability and nylon's durable, quick-dry benefits (it air dries in 15 minutes). 
  • We select the two smallest men's sizes, which on women fit 4-6 (Small/Medium) or 8-10 (Medium/Large) for a loose fit.
  • Drawstring waist allows a more feminine silhouette. 

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