We're Hiring! Beaded Jewelry Expert in Charleston


We're Hiring! Beaded Jewelry Expert Assembler in Charleston

Posted February 22, 2022

We are hiring a part-time beaded jewelry expert assembler in Charleston, South Carolina to help with production of our gemstone and beaded necklaces. This role will require a few hours of downtown office time each week / month, whereby you will work with our Creative Director / Founder, Hart, to create samples and designs. 

This person will also assemble our production runs -- 20 to 50 pieces at a time. You will have the option to assemble jewelry from home. We can arrange hourly rates or payment per piece. 

The ideal candidate is kind, collaborative and quality-obssessed! We will rely on their expertise in technicality and construction. 

Interested? Please email studio@harthagerty.com