Lowcountry Warrior Moms

HART is excited to be apart of this years Lowcountry Warrior Moms Mother's Day gift giving. This year marks the 7th year of providing gift bags to these amazing Mamas with children at MUSC.
Lowcountry Warrior Moms MAMA Bracelet
Lowcountry Warrior Moms works in celebrating mothers of critically ill children at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Children's Hospital located in downtown Charleston.These mothers and their children are typically at MUSC  for several weeks at a time alone as Charleston is not their home. Lowcountry Warrior Moms team is made up of three women who were inspired to start this project when a mom named Rachele lost her son Zach on Mother's Day. 
Lowcountry Warrior Moms
We are thrilled to be apart of such an amazing project. Our team came together at our studio space and packaged over 100 Beaded Bracelets and Tassel Earrings for these Mamas! 
Lowcountry Warrior Moms Packaging