Happy Birthday: Leos + Meghan Markle

Leo Zodiac Coin Necklace (Jul. 23 - Aug. 22)


Happy Birthday, Leo babies! (July 23-August 22). I myself am a proud Leo - born August 10 - and definitely feel like I live up to my sun sign.

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Here's how my favorite astrologer, Susan Miller, describes us lovely Leos:

"Your warmth and golden heart could dissolve the polar ice caps, dear Leo. Generous, creative, enthusiastic, expansive, and exuberant, it is no wonder others love to be around you. Leo never lost touch with their inner child, and it's the secret to your well-known flair for entertainment and the arts."

Funny Leo memes too real that it hurts - OurMindfulLife.com - hilarious memes about leo personality traits and leo problems

Can you hear me purring right now?!?!

Funny Leo memes too real that it hurts - OurMindfulLife.com - hilarious memes about leo personality traits and leo problems

The downside... our big lion hearts demand A LOT of affection and attention. And, as Susan says, "you loathe being told what to do, even when it’s excellent and well-meaning advice, criticism or points you may have overlooked." 

Perhaps Leos' raging independence is why this month's style star Meghan Markle (August 4, 1981) politely absconded from her royal duties....? Now that Meghan is basically a normal citizen again (ha!), I thought we could take a moment to admire her off-duty style.

Some good news... it doesn't take a whole lot to dress as chicly as this hot momma. In fact, you probably already own these items. The Duchess of Sussex is American through-and-through, as evidenced by her love of denim and button-down shirts. A love Diana shared, too!

Don't let the ripped jeans fool you. Megan serves lady-like realness with her ballet flats, oversized sunnies, or a crisp fedora. And of course, this timeless style combination is the PERFECT backdrop for some fun jewelry. I could see Meghan pushing up her sleeves to reveal a classic custom charm bracelet, don't you?


I also LOVE how she tops her gorgeous locks with an inky black baseball cap. Cool move, Meghan. We can all definitely step up our "going to yoga class" outfit like MM.


It helps to ooze babe-ness from your pours like Meghan. BUT, her lowkey style really does prove you don't need a whole of lot of razzle dazzle to SHINE. Happy Birthday, Meghan and to all the Leos out there!