The best gifts are personalized keepsakes. But what’s even better? A personalized keepsake the recipient can wear every day, for years to come. Hart’s custom charm necklaces and bracelets are effortlessly chic talismans for the modern woman. Below, Hart has outlined a guide suggesting charm ideas for the special person in your life. 

P.S. Don’t forget to read our FAQ page for everything you need to know about our custom charm necklaces.


For the bride:

The initial charm of her new or soon-to-be last name.

The zodiac of her partner. 

A cluster of numbers reflecting her wedding date (i.e. 918 for September 18)

Any of our love pendants


For your Mother:

Initials all of her children clustered on one jump ring

A bee charm - she is queen bee, after all.

Any of our love pendants

For the new mom:

Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam in her custom charm necklace, honoring her baby girl Clementine.

The zodiac of her baby

A lucky horse shoe.

The initial of her partner/husband and her initial together on one jump ring.

For your fashionable friend:

Follow the lead of style icon and editor Marlien Rentmeester of Le Catch 

A bold love heart charm

A cheeky smiley face

A flower charm 

For the graduate:

An energizing, playful lightning bolt or star pendant.

Janus pendant. He is the Roman god of time presiding over transitions in life.

A tag that says ‘dream’ or ‘create’