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Every lady needs at least one military jacket in her wardrobe. Consider the Mao Jacket as a beautiful, bohemian upgrade to your favorite, beat-up Army Surplus find. Worn with dark skinnies and a simple top (or your beloved vintage concert tee), it exudes effortless élan. Trust us, you will be stopped on the street. When you are, just say, “Oh this? I just threw this on.” Because, well, you did. If you’re feeling fancy, the Mao Jacket can be styled more lady-like. Button it all the way to the top and wear it with a mini-skirt and flats. Tres chic and totally unique, just like you, you minx!

The vintage embroidery was first handmade by Miao minorities of China and sourced for Hart from Yunnan province by our Miao friends. They travel far – down muddy roads into tiny, hidden away villages – to knock on the doors of locals, who sell their older pieces to make room for their newer creations. Once in our hands in Shanghai, we spend hours sorting the embroidery, so that each jacket and vest is as unique as you are. No copycats. The world has enough of those.

The Miao embroidery is exquisite, so we treat it that way, painstakingly constructing the embroidery into the jacket and vests. Each piece is a labor of love, just how the embroidery was first made decades ago.

The Mao Jacket has a sassy little backstory too. The Mao Suit – the standardized uniform of the Cultural Revolution – inspired the design. At the time, some Miao minorities were forced to wear the uniform instead of their colorful creations. In a sartorial twist of irony, bringing the two designs together makes for an even more interesting statement piece.

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Product Description

Materials: *100% cotton canvas  

Care: *Professional spot cleaning only

Size: Please contact us or refer to the size chart for the best fit: Size Chart.